Restraining Order Violations

A restraining order is an order of the court that restricts contact with another person. If you are charged with violating any type of protection order you could be facing fines or even jail time under Indiana criminal laws. Call us to discuss the specifics of your case today.

When a judge issues a restraining order, fairly or unfairly, you are bound by that restriction, and judges and courts are notoriously tough on any alleged violation.


You can be charged with a crime for incidental, or accidental contact. You can even be arrested and charged if the alleged victim is the person who initiated the contact.

Perhaps you felt the restraining order was wrong and shouldn’t have been put in place at all. While this may be the case, it is not a defense to violating the order. However, there are always options and avenues we can explore to get you the fair treatment you deserve.

You also may regret your actions, and be nervous about the consequences. Having successfully defended many of these cases we know what you are up against and want to help ensure you get the best possible result in court.

Restraining Order Violations – Laws in Indiana

There are several reasons you may have a restraining order or order of protection out against you. For that reason, there are a few types of restraining orders in Indiana. Whether you violated a temporary restraining order or a protective order, the violation is a crime.

You may have got a restraining order taken out against you for domestic violence reasons, stalking or harassment, workplace violence, child abuse, or a multitude of other reasons.

Indiana Invasion of Privacy Laws & Penalties

When you violate an order like this in Indiana you may be charged with Invasion of Privacy. Invasion of privacy is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and fines of $5,000.

However, if this is your second offense or violation, the charge is elevated to a Class D felony and you face 6 months to 3 years in prison as well as fines reaching $10,000.

Ref: IC 35-46-1-15.1

Penalties for Violation of a Restraining Order in Indiana

A violation of a restraining order allows for an immediate arrest. The alleged victim will be notified if you are released from jail pending trial. The best thing you can do at that point is stay far away from them so as not to negatively impact your case. Remember you are facing serious time if you violate a second time.

Free Consultation on any Criminal Charge for Protection Order Violation in Indiana

We want to help you with this process because we know what kind of stress you are under and how to deal with the Indiana Court system.

We have the experience and the determination you need. We will work tirelessly to defend you in court and get the outcome you deserve. Call today to discuss your new charges. The consultation, and the advice is free.

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