Criminal Defense Lawyers in Indiana Fight For You

If you are charged with a crime, you need options, and you need help.

Our attorneys are experienced at defending criminal charges in Indiana from shoplifting to assault. We understand how the Indiana criminal courts operate, what you can expect, and most importantly, what it takes to beat criminal charges.


As defense lawyers, our duty is only to you, our client. We are not interested in “justice”. We only want the best defense and the best deal for you.

You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Even if you believe you are guilty, you deserve and have a right to fair treatment in court under the laws of Indiana. If you made a mistake and did something you now regret, we can help make sure your side is heard in court and fight on your behalf.

And of course, if you are innocent of the charges, we will fight tirelessly to protect you from an unjust prosecution.

In either case, as Indiana criminal defense lawyers it is our job to see that your rights are looked after and you receive the best possible results from your criminal proceedings.  We know what you are up against and want to help you get through it.

Please contact us for a legal consultation to find out exactly how we will fight for you, and help get you through this difficult time in your life.

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